About Aventura

Aventura is a small chamber choir based in Denmark, with around 14 dedicated singers.

Our strength lies in the versatility and musical intimacy found only in small choirs. We are ordinary people with jobs and families; we work hard at rehearsals, but don't spend a huge amount of time practising in between.

Dorte Klingenberg Iversen is our conductor. She has a diploma in choir- and ensemble conducting from The Royal Danish Academy of Music, and has trained under Morten Schuldt-Jensen, among others.

The choir has two facets: The Aventura Chamber Choir and the Aventura Medieval Choir. While the chamber choir performs regular choral music, the medieval choir presents a complete theatrical act with costume, instruments, and dancing to complement the singing.

The Aventura Chamber Choir The Aventura Medieval Choir

Our repertoire is all-embracing, most importantly: